Mount Bromo Trip

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My friends and I went on a short, impromptu trip to Mount Bromo after the exams. We came up with the idea in the midst of studying for exams, and then it just sort of happened. Well, if you call simply booking a one-way train ticket to Probolinggo, East Java and reading up on other people’s Mount Bromo travel experiences on the internet as planning, then I guess we did. Ultimately, our plan was that we were going to get off the damn train and wing it all the way to Bromo. Of course, with the (subliminal) amount of planning we had, things were bound to get a little messed up, but it was definitely worth it.

Just look at this breathtaking view of the sunrise from the Bromo Sunrise Viewpoint as it slowly lights up the equally breathtaking scenery. The 2.5 hour wait of standing in the freezing cold was totally worth it. Well, its actually not that cold, barely 14 degrees Celcius, but I have always had low tolerance to cold, so I get hyperbolic liberty on this.

The chilling beauty of the foggy desert, or as as they call it ‘Pasir Berbisik’, which literally translates to ‘Whispering Sands’. It is hands down my favourite spot in this entire trip, because I personally have a thing for desolate wasteland scenery. This desert’s mysterious name stems from the tendrils of fog close to the ground that you can actually see gliding across the wasteland as they are carried by the wind. I swear the pictures don’t do them justice.

This trip was absolutely crazy fun; with all its confusion and communication problems, the train ride from hell, the travel agency tourist trap, creepy late night walks in strange cities, all the way to our bus trip to Surabaya on the way home and getting lost there, but I guess that’s the charm of travelling. No cookie cutter guided tour experience could ever beat the adrenaline rush of spontaneous trips. You end up with the strangest experiences and hundreds of stories to tell, ones you can laugh about at the end of the day.




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