Dieng Highlands Trip

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The drive to Dieng takes 5 hours from Jogja. We left at around 9 PM and arrived at the base of Mt. Sikunir at 1.30 AM. Waze made us take this crazy shortcut through a hill pass in the middle of nowhere to avoid going through the city of Wonosobo. The road was so steep, that all the passengers had to get out to reduce the car load!  We slept in the car to wait for morning and woke up at 3.30 AM for the hike. It was freezing!

The hike up Mt. Sikunir takes only 30 minute, but in the dark and cold, it becomes quite challenging. Despite the fact that the trek has been moulded into stairs, its still a steep climb and the soil is slippery. Temperature wise, I think Mount Bromo was colder, but here at the top of Mount Sikunir the wind is vicious. We were constantly battered by the wind from 4 AM until the sun rose at around 6 AM. Lacking appropriate clothes (we had no gloves nor head gear nor scarves) as protection against the wind, it was one hell of a miserable wait. We had to huddle up like sad baby penguins to keep warm.

Telaga Warna is a sulfur lake just 10 minutes away from Mt. Sikunir. It got its name from the water’s unique ever changing hues of cyan, blue and green. The trek around Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon (a smaller lake adjacent to it) is an extremely pleasant one. The air is cool and quiet, and the views are magnificent. I am absolutely in love with this lake – I am definitely coming back someday. There are literally hundreds of amazing spots to take pictures at. At our leisurely pace, and with our numerous photo stops (where the boys insisted on climbing every single tree), it took us an hour to complete the trek. The well tended garden of blooming hydrangeas in the middle of the wilderness was a pleasant surprise!

See you on the next trip!




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